Who Are New Zealand’s Customer Experience Champions?

Twelve years ago when I was out in the wilderness speaking with New Zealand businesses about the importance of their team and customer experience development and the difference it was going to make to future growth and profitability, many just rolled their eyes.
Back in 2004 there was little understanding of how important a business’s customer experience was going to become.
Today I’m continually asked for examples of those businesses that didn’t roll their eyes, but instead made a long-term commitment to the continuous development of their customer experience.
In 2016 we have an increasing number of businesses across a number of industries that understand the outcome of the recent Customer 20/20 report that clearly states- “Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator”.
More to Come..
Over the next few weeks and for the first time we will toasting a number of businesses we have identified as role models due to their commitment to the on-going development of their unique team and customer experience.
Chris Bell – Customer Experience Expert