What’s Business Doing Wrong…..

There are a number of reasons why business is not delivering better quality customer experiences and in continuing tough business conditions, there has been little improvement according to Chris Bell Managing Director Customer Experiences, a company that specialises in customer experience development.

Bell said one of the areas holding most organisations back when trying to improve their service is they lack the knowledge and experience to put a long-term strategy in place. The result is a short-term hit and miss approach and continued inconsistent service at the front counter.

Bell said that the companies that are delivering consistently high quality experiences, have a long-term strategy in place that is very much a part of their DNA, it’s their culture “the way they do things”

These businesses understand it’s the service they are not obliged to give, that customers value the most.

Bell’s advice to business is-

1) Make a long-term commitment to improving the quality of experience delivered to both employees and customers.

2) Gain the knowledge and advice required to develop and implement a strategic approach

3) Clearly define the experience you will deliver and involve as many staff as possible in that process, especially those that have the direct contact with customers.

Bell has just launched a programme designed to give customer experience managers the skills to develop their own customer experience strategy, a first in New Zealand and is linked closely with Customer Experience Tracker, an effective customer experience measurement resource.

For further information chris@customerexperiences.co.nz www.customerexperiences.co.nz mb 0272792360