When Did You Last Walk in Your Customers Shoes?

You can read about it, hear about it and even see it but you really don’t know what it’s like until you have had the experience yourself.

Unfortunately many business leaders don’t do it or at least don’t do it enough to understand the experience their customers are having.

The result is they find it difficult to relate to complaining customers, don’t see the need for improvement and in many cases will not take action until their financial results show a decline in repeat business.

My simple message to business leaders is to step out of your business, put your customer hat on, keep an open mind and evaluate the customer experience the business is currently delivering.

If you find that difficult, an even more effective way to achieve this is to have a customer experience expert carry out this evaluation. The benefits of someone outside the business doing this are simple. The most important benefit and the one that’s difficult to do from the inside, is an expert will look at the experience from the only perspective that matters, your customers.

Far too many times I hear excuses when reporting back to organisations on my evaluation. Excuses like, someone was away that day and that’s why you were on hold for so long or the delivery truck didn’t turn up on time that’s why your delivery was late etc.

You know what’s happening internally; your customers don’t and don’t want to know, they just want the experience your brand promised each and every time.

If you care about the consistency and quality of the experience you are delivering to your people and customers my suggestions is that you schedule time to walk in their shoes, that’s the only way you will really know how your customers are feeling about doing business with you. Don’t let complacency creep in,remember your customers have plenty of choice.

Chris Bell

NZs Leading Customer Experience Expert- www.customerexperiences.co.nz