How Visitor focused is Your Business? Take the Test……….

Seven questions that will clearly define the effectiveness of your current visitor experience strategy.

End up with too many no’s and you will have a clear idea of the action you will then need to take.

Question 1)

Is everyone associated with your business fully committed to the delivery of a consistent, quality visitor experience? Yes/No

Question 2)

Do you have a clearly defined visitor experience i.e. this is what we are committed to deliver to every visitor every time? Yes/No

Question 3)

Does your business have a vision? And does everyone associated with the business understand how your visitor strategy will move your business towards that vision? Yes/No

Question 4)

Have you carried out a visitor journey mapping exercise that identifies your major visitor experience touch points? Yes/No

Question 5)

Do you have in place a measurable service standard for each major visitor touch point? Yes/No

Question 6)

Are you regularly measuring your overall visitor experience performance? Yes/No

Question 7)

Do you have an on-going visitor experience development plan in place? Yes/No

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