A Unique Opportunity for Rotorua Business…….

Chris Bell Customer Experiences & Rotorua Chamber of Commerce

A highly interactive, value packed 2 hour seminar at the Rotorua Novotel Hotel with New Zealand’s leading customer experience development expert.

Why should you attend or pass this on to someone who has a business in the Rotorua area. There is only one reason – Customer experience is rapidly becoming a more powerful competitive advantage than price, product or services.

Gaining customer experience knowledge around why a business should be focused on this area and how you go about the developing your unique customer experience is the focus of this seminar.

If you are interested in business growth and increasing profitability two key advantages of a quality customer experience strategy then this investment of two hours of your time will be well rewarded.

Check out details- http://www.rotoruachamber.co.nz/media/3948224/customer-experience-chris-bell-179.pdf

To Register online– http://www.rotoruachamber.co.nz/events-training/events/customer-experience-workshop