The Ultimate Question “Be careful how you answer it”

Last week while sitting on plane I wrote down twenty areas an effective long-term customer experience strategy addresses within a business.

Then staring out the window I started to think, is that the right way to market what we do and the answer was no.

Most businesses have at least a number of the areas I had identified on my list, some knew these were issues, however many had no idea they had the issue and they were having such an impact on the growth and profitability of the business.

The reality is that a business could have none of the issues on my list but could still not be capitalising on the rewards that come from delivering a consistent, quality team and customer experience.

So that got me thinking why I do what I do? Why do I spend so much time thinking, talking and educating business people on the merits of this approach to business performance, and the answer is because we are passionate about seeing individuals and businesses maximise their efforts by adding value to what they deliver their customers over and above their products and services.

So I have thrown away the list and replaced with a question for you- “how passionate are you and your team about creating customer value, value that exceeds their expectations”?

In my experience how you answer that question will relate directly to the consistency and quality of experience your customers are currently receiving and to be fair from the research that we have carried out over the last ten years very few of us as customers are having our expectations exceeded.


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