Tower Insurance Reopens Branches

Interesting to note that after closing down 24 branches in 2000, a report out this week has the CEO announcing that a number of these branches will reopen.

The reason given is that many of their customers want to do business face to face.

I believe many of us would like to have more face to face contact with organisations we do business with. The main driver away from face to face contact has been to reduce costs.

In many cases the customer has not missed face to face contact with businesses especially as the face to face contact was not that memorable.

Business is starting to realise in a highly competitive market where its becoming much easier to change from one business to another, just how difficult it is to build real and lasting relationships with customers without that important face to face contact and just how powerful that loyalty can be for a business.

I would encourage Tower to ensure that when customers visit their reopened branches, the experience will live up to and if they are really smart, exceed customers expectations otherwise it will be a very costly exercise.

One thought on “Tower Insurance Reopens Branches

  1. Yep, and WOW! It’s a bit late for me though. I’ve been insured with Tower for several decades and paid thousands in premiums and enjoyed a good relationship, even over the phone. This got tricky when wanting to combine insurances with my partner. How do we do that over the phone? Conference calls? With no branch in Dunedin, it was in the too hard basket. As was sorting out a change in circumstances. By the time I did, over the phone, it ended up as a very bad experience – seemed I’d sinned or something. Eventually after hours of the woman going away to discuss everything with the underwriters, I was informed that I was no longer covered. It was all very weird and surreal. There was zero recognition of my record with the company, and zero opportunity to discuss it in person with a person. I also had my Kiwisaver with Tower and I’ve now transferred that to another provider. And I’ll move my car away from Tower as well. If they don’t trust me, why should I give them any business at all. Plus I’ll tell people of my bad experience with Tower, as you do. I don’t think this would have happenned if I’d been able to sit down with a sensible human and work it out. When looking for a new insurance company, an important factor will be whether they have a branch office network.

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