Toasting Customer Experience Champions in 2016

After 14 years working with New Zealand businesses across a wide range of industries in the development of their team and customer experience the time has arrived to celebrate and acknowledge those businesses in 2016 that are fully committed to the on-going development of their unique customer experience according to leading customer experience expert Chris Bell

Bell finds it incredible when he looks back to 2003/4 when he launched Customer Experiences Ltd that he could not find anyone that knew anything about customer experience and the development of a business strategy based around a team and customer centric culture.

Moving forward twelve years and he is starting to see not only a greater understanding but increased investment by forward thinking businesses in the development of their customer experience and the financial return and business growth that is the result of this commitment.

According to Bell there are many reasons for this uptake including a more powerful customer due to the share amount of choice now available, the growth of e-commerce and the recent 2020 report that states “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”

 A Continual Improvement Focus

Chris Bell finds it extremely rare even in today’s highly competitive business environment to come across a business that is already delivering a great customer experience but wants to do even better.

There is plenty of research that identifies “complacency” due to an internal focus and the resulting self evaluation highlighted by this research-

“Eighty percent of organisations think they are delivering a better customer experience – only eight percent of customers agree.   (Bain & Company)

A local Customer Experience Champion -Terv Terry Marine

Chris Bell is currently working with one of those very rare organisations to further develop the experience they deliver to their customers. Taupo based Terv Terry Marine already has a great reputation in the central North Island and increasingly around the rest of New Zealand as a leading marine retailer, but that’s not enough. This family based business believes that with the quality, committed team they have they can add even greater customer value via the experience they deliver across the organisation.

Complacency is not an option for the Terv Terry Marine team. They are fully aware that the day they sit down and think they are the best is the day they will find themselves in trouble.


So what’s driving the Trev Terry Marine team to continually look for ways to get even better? According to Bell it’s a team that is extremely passionate about boating and the pleasure and enjoyment that comes from being on the water.

As we all know when we are passionate about what we do it’s easy to share that passion and the Trev Terry Marine team do that extremely well with their customers.

Customer Testimonials’

We all know just how powerful customer testimonials and customer word of mouth recommendations are in today’s highly competitive market.

This feedback is a huge motivator for the Trev Terry Marine team to be always looking for ways to add even greater value.

Here is just one example-

To whom it may concern.
Trev Terry Marine, in my opinion would be the best company I have ever dealt with. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful, knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble.
The minute I had anything to do with the company, I felt that I had been a client for a very long time. I do not live in Taupo, but will gladly tow the boat to Taupo to have servicing or repairs done. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.
Today Most Powerful MarketingRecent research clearly shows that today’s most powerful marketing is customer recommendations, 86% of people will respond positively to customer recommendations. Many new customers to Trev Terry Marine are there as a result of recommendations from friends, family, colleagues or posts on social media.To find more Customer Experience champions visit-