Tips That Will Give You the Edge in 2015

As you review your customer experience performance or contemplate using our free program to develop your unique customer experience in 2015 here are some tips to take into consideration.

1. Faking leadership commitment. It’s very easy for leadership to say they are committed to their customers and the experience they receive, but it takes much more than words to drive sustainable change across an organisation. Remember your people are not listening to what you say. They are watching what you do. You must walk the talk.

2. Over-relying on customer surveys. Asking customers a barrage of multiple choice questions might have made sense ten years ago, but it’s an ineffective use of a key asset, customer feedback. Yes, your customers will rate your current performance against their expectations but it’s not their job to tell you what you should be doing in the future, that’s your job. Ensure you have a culture that is capitalising on the creativity of your team and looking at the business from the customers’ perspective.

3. Neglecting experience design. Companies focus on the basic requirements of an interaction but ignore the elements of design that can make the difference between positive or negative customer emotions. Research has found that at least fifty percent of a customer experience is emotional. Remember it’s about how we make our customers feel.

4. Treating all customers the same. Customers have different needs, interests, and familiarity with offerings, but companies often turn their backs on these differences. While it may sound appealing to deliver a great experience to everyone, it’s an impractical goal for most companies.

5. Disengaging new customers. Companies work very hard to get new customers, but they often ignore them after they pay their first invoice. Creating loyalty is about building relationships that will ensure repeat business and customer recommendation today’s most powerful form of advertising.

6. Ignoring the team. Not surprisingly, customer experience programmes focus on customers. But they often don’t spend enough time cultivating one of their most important customers: the team. Your people will be the difference between a quality, consistently delivered customer experience and inconsistency and high disengagement.

7. Obsessing about detractors. Customer experience programmes often focus mostly on fixing problems so that customers may return, but they don’t spend enough time figuring out how to make customers love them. Remember it’s about emotions and feelings are emotion. Make your customers feel welcome, important, valued and appreciated and you will be on the right track.


8. Forgetting to celebrate success. Customer experience leaders spend so much time and energy focusing on what needs to be improved that they often forget to appreciate the progress that has already been made. The key is to keep the team motivated. This is a journey not a race it’s about continual development and improvement.

9. Falling in love with a metric. Companies often get hooked on a metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and lose sight of what’s really important: making improvements. Complacency can be a real issue if you are not continually asking the question-How can we add even greater customer value’?

10. Capitalising on all your creativity. Your people have great ideas on how you can improve your customer experience. The more creativity that is encourage the more ideas that when developed will keep you well out in front of your competitors’. Make creativity and innovation an important part of your culture.

Enjoy the journey because it is a journey of continual improvement

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Chris Bell

MD Customer Experiences


Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences, a company committed to building successful businesses through the development of high quality customer experiences and co-founder of cemNZ 027 2792360