Time to do some raving

Great customer experiences are still very rare so when we have one, we tend to rave about them and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing over the next few blogs.

My first is a supermarket experience yes you read it right a supermarket experience.

I had a meeting recently on the other side of town from where we live. On my way back from the meeting a saw a new supermarket and decided to drop in and pick up a few items.

The supermarket is the Ilam New World. I’ve been in plenty of New World supermarkets so I had clear expectations as to the experience I would have but on this occasion I had my expectations exceeded.

To cut a long story short this is a well presented and merchandised business with plenty of choice across a wide range of brands but that’s what I expect from a New World especially a new New World.

What exceeded my expectations was not the supermarket it was the people. Being my first visit I had no idea where things were and I had a couple of items on my list that I had not purchased before plus I had another appointment looming

There were plenty of people around so I asked a young lady to point me in the right direction, wrong request. These people don’t just point you in the right direction they take you to the right place and in this case once the understood I was short of time, took over my list and did my shopping for me in a fraction of time it would have taken me

I was out of the store in record time with plenty of time to get to my next meeting.

I highly recommend that if you live in Christchurch or are visiting and need some supplies or just a coffee then visit Ilam New World you will not be disappointed.