The Top Ten Questions We Get Asked………

1)     How long will it take to develop a Customer Experience strategy

 Answer – We will be able to give an accurate answer once we have completed our evaluation.

2)     Why don’t we just provide training for our front-line people

 Answer – We launched Customer Experiences after our research found that when customer service training is carried out without a proper Customer Experience foundation, the training itself has very little impact on changing employee behaviour and ultimately little impact on improving customer service.

 3)     How do we gain total commitment from our people to ensure the success of a Customer Experience Strategy?

  Answer – Commitment comes from engagement. The Customer Experience approach must involve everyone. The fact is that everyone plays a role in your Customer Experience, not just those people directly interacting with your customers.

 4)     Why is a Customer Experience strategy difficult for your competitors to copy?

Answer – Leadership, culture and your people are vital parts of your Customer Experience strategy and the great news is, they are all difficult to copy. Everything else you do is relevantly easy to copy.

 5)     Why is creativity such an important part of a Customer Experience strategy.

Answer – The key to on-going customer loyalty is the ability to continually “add value” to what you provide your customers other than reduced prices. This requires a steady flow of ideas from your people, the more creative the ideas the greater the impact on your Customer Experience


6)     How does a Customer Experience strategy help us to attract the right people.

.Answer – Great people want to work with organisations that are totally focused on their customers. They know that these businesses take time to build real relationships with their customers and it’s these relationships that lead to loyalty. The fact is that your working life is so much more enjoyable when your customers are smiling.

 7)     Why is a vision sooo important to a Customer Experience Strategy?

   Answer – A good vision keeps everyone focused, on track, inspired and motivated and that vital to a long-term strategic business approach.

8)     Why is word of mouth so much more powerful today? Answer – Word of mouth has always been powerful. Today its even more powerful due to the fact that customers have been let down so many times by organisations not delivering on their marketing promise.

9)     How does a Customer Experience strategy take away the focus on price?

 Answer – We do business today in a world we call “the world of sameness” the only way most businesses can come up with to get customers in the door is to reduce prices. The result is reduced margins and a struggling business. Customer focused businesses look for ways to add value, this is why it’s so important to understand your business from the customer’s perspective and foster creative thinking.

 10)                        Why does business have difficulty relating to customers    emotions

   Answer – I’m not sure, we are all human and emotions drive our lives. Thankfully understanding customer’s emotions is a major part of a Customer Experience strategy.












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