The Single Most Important Factor for Business Success

If you agree that the single most important factor for business success is-

“The choice your people make every day regarding the quality of customer experience they deliver”

Then the next questions is –why aren’t more organisations putting more effort into ensuring their people are making the right choices, choices that result in you and me having many more great customer experiences that we are more than happy to rave about and recommend to others.

I think there are two answers to that question-

1) We think our people are making the right choices at present so we don’t need to focus on this area of our business.

2) We don’t know how to ensure that our people consistently make the right choices

We think the latter reason is closer to the mark and I don’t blame businesses for that because there is no magic bullet.

So, let me make a couple of suggestions that will start you on your way to creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Suggestion number one – Make a commitment to be a totally employee and customer focused organisation.

That means your people will be your number one priority and your customers will be your number two priority.

No, that’s not a mistake. The days of paying lip service to your customers being number one are over.

Let’s go back to the single most important factor – you don’t stand a chance of your people making the right choices if they are, not only your number one priority but the know it and feel it everyday based on how you lead them and the culture you create that allows them to work their magic.

Suggestion number two – Involve your people in the development of your customer experience

Everyone within your organisation will be playing some role that will impact on the quality of the customer experience you are currently delivering.

Involvement equals engagement and the greater the engagement the greater the chance of the right choices being made at your front counter.

Don’t forget 67 percent of employees go to work disengaged. Not only is that having a huge impact on productivity, disengaged employees don’t deliver great customer experiences.

Chris Bell