The Right People in the Right Positions

I was interested to read in Saturday’s Christchurch Press an article entitled “Staff Expected to Wear Latest”.

The item was reporting the comments from a former manager of a Glasson’s branch saying that staff felt pressured to wear the firm’s latest fashions.

Glasson Managing Director was quoted as saying, “Glasson’s had not stipulated that it was mandatory for staff to wear new seasons Glasson’s clothing at all times.

Employees of Glasson’s are always encouraged to wear their products and are offered a substantial staff discount.”

This is yet another case of the wrong culture and poor recruitment resulting in the wrong people in the wrong positions.

It really is a no brainer and the first rule in the recruitment of any front-line people. Create a culture that attracts people who are passionate about your products, give them all the resources and development opportunities possible and let them deliver the magic at the front counter.

My question to Glasson’s is this – “Why would you want to employ anyone in a sales position that was not over the moon with the products you stock and be thrilled to wear them at every opportunity? “

Glasson’s- I would like to suggest that before you experience any further negative media from former employees, or experience difficulty attracting the right people for these key front line positions, you take a look at your employee experience.

A great customer experience is a direct result of a great employee experience.

Your employees are your greatest competitive advantage.