The Power of Word of Mouth – separating the best from the rest

Breaking news – your customers are in control they have all the power and their voices are now being heard around the planet.

Commoditisation and competition along with access to businesses around the world via the internet have not only changed the business landscape, they have impacted hugely on traditional marketing strategies.

In this new climate many businesses are struggling to establish their credibility and reputation to a sceptical market that is increasingly less likely to fall for the marketing hype and false promises. Unfortunately we still have instances like the recent double glazing scam in Christchurch where customers have lost their deposits and have nothing to show for it.

Thanks to an innovative company Customer Experiences Ltd, a business specialising in the development of high quality customer experiences, both business and customers now have access to a single website. This will allow organisations who consistently deliver high quality customer experiences to promote themselves to customers that are looking for organisations that are genuinely focused on them.

Businesses that appear on the website will have not only come highly rated by their customers, they will have also been evaluated by the Customer Experiences team before being listed. They will be closely monitored via ongoing customer feedback and the customer experience evaluation process to ensure their continued listing on the site.

For high performing organisation across a wide cross section of industries this is their opportunity to distance themselves from the rest and benefit from the credibility and increased market share that will result from their listing on this site.

For consumers seeking to do business with companies that have a highly regarded reputation, the job of finding these organisations is about to get easier resulting in increased peace of mind.

Businesses listed on the site will also have the opportunity to undertake promotions and work with the Customer Experiences team to continually develop their customer experience.

This unique website is the first to list a comprehensive range of businesses across a range of industries around the country and have a double recommendation both from a professional organisation and customers.

Businesses that are not totally focused on their customers and the quality of their experience need not apply. Applications for listings are now open. The website will go live in May 2011


For further information – mb 027 2792360