The Only Metric That Counts

At the recent Hotel Industry Conference key note speaker and CEO of Desticorp Anna Pollock highlighted yet again the need to be totally focused on ensuring that visitors to this country return home as advocates.

Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences Ltd, a company that bases all customer experience development on exceeding expectations, said that unless all organisations adopt this focus, visitors will continue to have inconsistent experiences that result in no recommendation or damaging word of mouth.

Bell is the co- founder along with Ray Sleeman of a unique resource designed to measure and improve the customer experience and ensure on-going positive word of mouth.

Customer Experience Tracker has given the visitor industry the opportunity to not just listen to advice from the likes of Pollock but act on that advice in a highly effective and beneficial way.

Bell said that it’s frustrating to see organisations continuing to gather customer feedback with little intention of using that feedback to improve the experience.

Customer Experience tracker is now giving business the opportunity to take their customer feedback and use it as part of a more comprehensive strategic approach to customer experience improvement. It also allows organisations to benchmark both internally and against competitors.

Bell says it time for action. Customers are well and truly over organisations that continue to ask for feedback and don’t act on the information. He suggests that research company’s outline their action plan to survey participants before asking them to contribute.

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