The One Thing that will make a significant difference…….

This is your opportunity to “stand out from the crowd” and gain a significant competitive advantage.

The best part is its very simple and even better still not many organisations are doing it or even thinking about doing it.

Can’t handle the suspense any longer? Here it is….

It’s the ability to capitalise on the creativity of your team”

See I told you it was simple, most of the best ideas usually are and further more there are a number of advantages over and above the obvious, including

Greater employee engagement

Greater employee loyalty

Increased employee word of mouth

But by far the greatest benefit has to be seeing the smile on a customers face when they click that you have been really thinking about them and the value you can add to their experience.

It has to be the fastest way to get customers coming back and recommending you to others.

How to get a creative culture going in your organisation-

• Start small. A few easily implemented ideas will boost confidence and motivation and your people will start to take you seriously.

• Ensure the idea originator is recognised and where appropriate rewarded, recognition is more powerful than money

Follow the rules-

1) There is no such thing as a bad idea

2) Everyone’s ideas matter, especially those people that have direct contact with your customers.

3) The best ideas come from a focus on your customers

4) Make it fun and keep people motivated

5) Listen to your customers and suppliers, they also have great ideas

6) Take the blinkers off, look at other industries there creative ideas could be adapted to your business

7) Using all that creativity, most ideas can be developed at little or no cost.

8) Don’t ignore wild and whacky. I have found that some of the most wild and whacky ideas have, with some refinement turned out to be the most successful.