Getting All Your Team on the Same Page……….

At a recent speaking engagement I asked the audience how many of them had defined the customer experience I would receive if I visited their organisation tomorrow? AND did everyone in the organisation know what that definition was?.

Only one person reluctantly raised their hand and quickly admitted they were not sure about the second part of the question.

The inconsistent delivery of an organisations customer experience due to a lack of a defined customer experience that has total understanding and total commitment is the main reason customer loyalty is on the decline.

You will never grow customer loyalty by delivering an inconsistent customer experience. This is step three in our unique customer experience development program and the first task a customer experience development team undertakes.

Research consistently shows that it can take up to six great customer experiences to make up for the one poor experience and that’s only if the customer gives you another chance.

We must continually remind ourselves that the customer is in charge due to the share amount of choice available in just about every area you care to name.

Check out this short video that highlights our 7 step development program