Taupo Customer Service Quality Impresses Expert

It’s been only a few weeks since we relocated from Christchurch to Taupo and in that short time I have been very impressed with the high level of friendly service, quality recommendations and timely follow up we have received.

Just one example was the gentleman from Super Cheap Autos who went out of his way to re programme my remote car key device once he replaced the battery. The key to a great customer service experience is to make a customer’s life easy and that was certainly the case in this instances.

As New Zealand’s leading customer experience development coach it’s great to be writing about positive experiences especially in a region that relies not only on loyal, local customer support but both domestic and international visitors recommendation.

Based on my experiences as a newbie to this town I think Taupo business has a unique opportunity to not only grow service levels but grow and develop the experiences customers and visitors receive and more importantly rave about and recommend to others.

Chris Bell

MD Customer Experiences Ltd