Talking the Talk or Walking the talk What do Customers Think?

In many cases talking the talk is the norm, why? The number one reason is competition, followed closely by complacency due to an inside out operational focus (research shows that most businesses think they are delivering a better customer experience than our customers think we are).

Let’s face it in to days highly competitive environment your marketing will be your customer experience, your sales success will be based on your customer experience, your business growth and profitability will be determined by the quality and consistency of your customer experience.

So this begs the question why are not more businesses focusing and investing in the development of their customer experience? The answer in our opinion is that most don’t have the knowledge and expertise and in many cases it’s seen as too hard.

To address this situation we have created a free customer experience development program that is now available on-line and includes one-on –one support as a business works through the 7 steps.

So, all businesses regardless of size or industry now have available an affordable proven customer experience development program that addresses the two issues mentioned earlier.

Business now has a choice and that choice is to continue developing an operational focus that consistently fails to deliver on the marketing promise or take advantage of this newly launch business resource and develop a customer experience that will be more powerful and cost effective than any current marketing plan. The focus in 2015 must be on walking the talk.


Customer Experiences is an organisation specialising in the developing of high quality customer experiences. For further information – contact Chris Bell Managing Director Customer Experiences Ltd email mb 027 2792360