Stand Out With a Unique Customer Experience


How do you develop and implement a customer experience strategy that will become your sustainable competitive advantage?

That was the question only 13 percent of respondents could answer in a recent US survey, however, 80 percent understood the importance of a customer experience strategy to their business.

Paul Linnell and Chris Bell co- founders of Customer Experience Management NZ (cemNZ) an organisation dedicated to promoting, encouraging and supporting excellence in customer care said that the percentage of organisations in this country that had the knowledge and expertise in this area would be far less than 13 percent.

Bell said this was concerning in todays highly competitive market where building employee & customer loyalty and positive word of mouth should be a priority.

To improve business knowledge and expertise in this vital area Bell has developed a unique one day Customer Experience Development programme designed to give NZ businesses the knowledge, methodology and skills to put in place a successful long-term customer experience strategy.

Bell & Linnell will facilitate a number of workshops in the main centres starting on March 11th in Auckland at the Vector Arena. During this one day workshop delegates’ will be introduced to a unique 7 step customer experience development process and as part of their registration will get a copy the Bells programme to use to develop their CEM strategy.

The benefits to a business are many including:-

• Increased employee engagement & loyalty

• The ability to attract the right people

• Increased customer loyalty & word of mouth

• The ability to capitalise on the creativity of employees

• Takes the focus off price, increasing margins

• The ability to reduce marketing & recruitment costs

Service is the new sales. Service is the new marketing. As the world automates, products will become more the same. The service experience is how business will differentiate in the market. Service is how you will make your next sale.

cemNZ membership is free.

Workshop details & registration

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