Speaking Topics for 2014

7 Vital Steps to Creating a Great Customer Experience

Learn why putting these7 steps in place will give your business a significant advantage over you competitors, an advantage they will find difficult to copy and keep your customers coming back and telling others to do likewise.

3 Key Steps That Will Distance You from Your Competitors’

Research has consistently shown that there are 3 key elements between those that deliver ordinary customer experiences and those that exceed customer expectations. Find out what they are and how you can distance your business from the ordinary.

Creativity the Next Powerful Competitive Advantage

Creativity is lacking in business resulting in a boring world of copiers and followers. Your people have ideas that could significantly improve the quality and consistency of your customer experience. Learn how you can capitalise on the creativity of your team and the positive cultural changes that will result.

Learn How to attract the right people to Deliver Your Unique Customer Experience

The Right people delivering your customer experience are vital to your on-going success. The wrong people will be doing immeasurable damage. Find out how you can create a steady stream of super stars to your door.

The Number one reason our Customer Experience Strategy is so successful

There is rarely only one reason why a strategy is successful but in this case it has been our best kept secret. Join us so we can share with you our best kept secret

Customer Satisfaction is no Longer Good Enough

Over the last 20 years the business mantra has been “customer satisfaction” as the goal. In an increasing competitive and commoditised world this is no longer the case. Find out what’s changed and what today’s goal must be.

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