Some Telcos & Power Companies Don’t Deserve Your Business…

Last weeks Colmar Brunton NPS survey results for Power and Telecommunication companies reported on TVNZs Fair Go programme confirmed what most customers already know from first hand experiences.

According to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialise in the development of customer experience strategies, customers will continue to vote with their feet unless these organisations start to focus on their customers.

Bell said Telecom with an NPS score of 11 percent and Telstra Clear at 13 percent both need to get serious about improving their service and overall customer experience. There are no excuses for scores that low. It shows a complete lack of leadership and customer commitment and customers should take advantage of an increasingly competitive market and look for a provider that appreciates their business.

Bell said power companies were just as bad with Mercury Energy scoring 12 percent and Trust Power slightly better at 21.

Rated top providers were Powershop at 65 percent and 2 Degrees at 52 percent