Social Styles Workshop

Social Styles Workshop

Have you ever wondered why your finely-tuned sales pitch works really well with some, but completely misses the mark with others? Or perhaps why your interactions with some of your colleagues or customers are sometimes awkward and ineffectual? This workshop will enable you to communicate with everyone easily and effectively.

Workshop Overview

This workshop develops your understanding and skills to
recognise, understand, and adapt to anyone's communication style.

What You’ll Learn

  • Methods and skills to communicate effectively with anyone
  • How to recognise and adapt to differences in people
  • How you should adapt your behaviour to improve communication
  • What the triggers and receptors are for different people
  • How to adapt your online and traditional communications based on your audience for maximum effect
Enhanced presentation skills results in better business

Why you should learn it

You’ll discover methods and techniques to communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

This will greatly improve your effectiveness in delivering quality Customer Experiences.

If you're in a sales role this will make a significant improvement to your figures.

Bottom line resuts gained for effective presentation skills

How it will help you

  • People will see you as someone who understands them.
  • Your messages and suggested actions will be much more effective.
  • You'll have more influence.
  • You’ll see measurable gains in harmony, communication, productivity, and personal relations.
  • You'll be able to navigate many previously difficult situations with ease and with greatly reduced stress.

This workshop is customised to each group. It is set according to your timescale and your specific requirements.

Please contact David Blair to discuss