“Six Reasons Why You Should Develop a Customer Experience Strategy in 2012

If you assume that what you have been doing in 2011 will be the best way forward in 2012, we urge you to think again for these six reasons.

1. Less than 1% of businesses are actively building relationships with their customers that lead to real loyalty and word of mouth referrals.

• The majority are using gimmicks and gimmicks don’t build lasting customer loyalty.

2 Less than 1% of businesses have a defined Customer Experience

• The result is inconsistent customer experiences. A business will never build customer loyalty on the delivery of inconsistent experiences

3. Less than 1% of businesses understand how much damage an unhappy customer is doing to their business. A Colmar Brunton survey found that on average a customer who is had a bad Customer Experience will tell 13 others.

4. Less than 1% of businesses are actively capitalising on the creativity that exists internally. Your people have ideas that will enhance your customer experience and give your business a sustainable competitive advantage

5. Less than 1% of businesses understand the vital part customer emotions play in a business interaction.• Think how you feel about organisations you do business with and the part those feelings play in your relationship on-going or otherwise

6. Less than 1% of businesses have a total focus on their customers.

• In most cases, there is a greater focus on the business than on the value that could be added to every customer interaction.The fact of the matter is that most businesses agree that addressing these six reasons will result in greater success, however, we know that most will only pay these areas of their business, lip service. This could be your BIG gain in 2012