The Single Most Important Factor for Business Success -Customer Experience expert Chris Bell

Let me share with you the single most important factor for business success.

It’s not your price, products or services

It’s not your management

It’s not your rules & regulations

It’s not your processes & systems

It’s not defined job responsibilities

Its not financial rewards

It’s the choice your people make every day regarding the quality of customer experience they deliver.

Everyday your people make choices that determine the experience your customers have with your organisation.

You can’t make your people smile

You can’t make your people care

You can’t make your people be more helpful

You can’t make your people be more welcoming

You can’t make your people go the extra mile

Only your people can make that choice.

What you can do is provide quality leadership, a team & customers focused culture, and ensure you have the right people onboard……

Then let them deliver the magic!

Chris Bell –

Customer Experiences