Gameplan Seminar

How many seminars have you attended and not done anything with the information delivered?

“Game Plan” is different. Not only will you learn the 7 Key Steps to develop your own unique customer experience, you will also go away with a detailed action plan that will guide you through all the tricky bits. To complement your action plan you will also have access to additional tips and support material. During the fast-paced highly interactive seminar, you will learn:

  • How a “customer experience” strategy becomes your sustainable competitive advantage.
  • About the increased return from customer loyalty
  • Why word of mouth is 99 times more powerful than any advertising and saves marketing dollars
  • About the savings from lower staff turnover & greater commitment
  • How to capitalise on the creativity that exists within your business
  • How a customer experience strategy positively impacts growth and profitability
  • How you start building your unique customer experience using a proven development system, tomorrow

If you are an Association or small business group and are interested in having us deliver this unique seminar to your group- contact us now – For more information call Chris 027 2792360

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