3 Steps on the CX Journey…

ONE – Business Evaluation

We are here to make a difference for you and your business. This stringent evaluation will ensure the successful implementation of this system and is the basis of our 100% guarantee.

What we are looking for:-
Management and leadership qualities
Commitment to the strategy
Business processes that can deliver consistency
Right people in the right roles, especially those delivering your customer experience.

What will we assess?
Evaluate your current customer experience
Evaluate your main competitors
Interview a cross section of your customers
Interview your main suppliers
Rate your operational v customer focus


TWO – Customer Experience Development

Our experience has shown that if front-line customer service and sales training is carried out in isolation and without the development of a solid customer experience foundation, no matter how good or how well it’s delivered, it will have little impact on changing behaviour long term and ultimately little impact on enhancing the service experienced by customers and therefore will be a cost rather than an investment.

During the workshop you will:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Customer Experience strategy
Learn the customerEXWORKS 7 step development process
Understand the power of a sustainable competitive advantage
Learn how to grow real loyalty with both your people and your customers
Be given the opportunity to evaluate key aspects of your business
Measure your current Customer Experience against customer expectations

At the end of this workshop you will:
Put together your 30 day plan to develop your own unique Customer Experience strategy
During this time you will have access to your support coach via email, phone or on-site


THREE – Skill Integration

During the development and implementation of your 30-day plan, you and your development team will have identified skill development opportunities. It’s important that these are addressed before going live with your service standards.

Our skill development programmes are based around your organisation’s vision, customer experience statement, touch points and agreed service standards.

These programmes may include:-

Customer Service

Sales Development

Telephone Skills


“An investment in your people is your greatest competitive advantage.”

Our 100% Guarantee

Our unique approach to this strategy allows us to offer our guarantee based on a commitment to deliver by both parties.

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