The Secret of a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

I’m going to share something with you that will have a huge impact on your business growth and profitability.

It the reason our customer experience development strategy is so successful and the number one reason so many organisations fail to gain the traction they need when developing a customer experience or for that matter many other strategies that very quickly get placed in the too hard basket because of a lack of commitment.

Here is the question I ask audiences – “who are the best people to develop your customer experience”? Usually the most popular answer is “our customers” followed by “front-line management” both answers are wrong. The right answer is everyone within your organisation. The reason being that everyone within your organisation is playing a role in what ever it is you deliver to your customers by way of your experience.

Most customer experience strategies fail because of a lack of commitment from within, especially from those with the responsibility of delivery.

When we work with an Propecia organisation to facilitate their customer experience development we make it clear that our approach is based around this fact- “your people support what they create”

In our experience you will find that if you are receiving an inconsistent customer experience from an organisation nine times out of ten it will be because it’s an experience that has been developed by leadership and has had little involvement from departments that have very little direct customer contact or from those with the responsibility of delivery.

If you are serious about the development of a customer experience that will be your competitive advantage here is a tip. Put together a revolving development team made up of representatives from every part of your business and ensure they are sharing and gaining feedback from their colleagues’ continually.


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