A Satisfied Customer is No Longer Enough

Customers Expectations

Twenty years ago the focus was on meeting customers’ expectations. In today’s increasingly competitive and commoditised world the bar has been significantly raised. Having our expectations met is now the norm in fact if you can’t at least do that your chance of long-term success is questionable. To stand out from the crowd today the new goal is to exceed customers’ expectations resulting in greater customer loyalty and advocacy

The Café Example

Over the last 2-3 months I have had 27 meetings with colleagues and clients in different cafes in both Christchurch and Auckland. Every café has met my expectations however, not one has delivered an experience that has exceeded my expectations.

Imagine the impact a café would have on me if they developed a customer experience that exceeded my expectations, imagine how many people I would tell about it and imagine how many times I would suggest our next meeting be held at that café.

We Now Have the Tools

A customer experience development strategy is focused on creating an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. A Committed leadership, the resulting team and customer focused culture and the right people delivering the experience are the three key components that come together to make it happen. The one other component is the on-going nature of the development. This is driven by one question “what else can we do to add greater customer value”?. The programme to drive your customer experience development is now available free www.customerexperiences.co.nz

Stand Out From the Crowd

In a highly competitive business world your future growth and profitability will come from a consistently delivered, quality customer experience. Start developing your experience strategy today one that will have your current customers become a key members of your sales team.

Chris Bell

Managing Director