Retailers Still Don’t Get It

Provide an ordinary in store experience in today’s market and the chances of getting customers to visit your store are becoming increasingly less likely.

Online sales currently make up 5.1 percent of retail sales but that is about to increase as retailers struggle to develop and provide an in store experience that is different to what consumers can now get online.

Right now an increasing number of consumers are using brick and mortar stores to research products and then finding the best deals online, in many cases from an off shore site.

There is no doubt that retailers should be developing the online channel of their business according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of quality customer experiences. Bell believes for many retailers the focus should also be on the development of the in store experience.

Right now retail is very much in what we call “the world of sameness” very little difference between businesses and shopping environments. The result is a bored customer who is desperately looking for a different, more convenient, faster or more valuable experience and because these kinds of experiences are difficult to find, are turning to the web.

Employees should be a business’s competitive advantage but unfortunately for many retailers they are just the opposite and another reason for us not to bother to leave the comfort of the computer screen.

Bell will be speaking and facilitating a Customer Experience Master class at the up and coming Customer Experience 2012 Auckland conference at the end of June that will focus on how to develop a customer experience strategy that will maximise a brick and mortar business and align with an on-line channel


Customer Experiences is an organisation specialising in the developing of high quality customer experiences. For further information – contact Chris Bell Managing Director Customer Experiences Ltd email mb 027 2792360