Are You Reaping the Benefits From the Customer Experience you Deliver?…Take the Test


1) Do you have a total customer focused culture? Yes/No

(A totally focused business culture ensure the delivery of a consistent, quality customer experience every time to every customer

2) Do you have a sustainable competitive advantage? Yes/No

(A customer experience strategy delivers a competitive advantage that is difficult for competitors’ to copy)

3) Do you know the percentage of your customers that you would describe as loyal? Yes/No

(Growing customer loyalty is a vital goal when developing a customer experience strategy)

4) Do you know how many of your new customers are now doing business with you as a result of an existing customer’s recommendation? Yes/No

(Word of mouth recommendation is today’s most powerful form of advertising)

5) Is the quality and consistency of your current customer experience delivering results that allow you to reduce your marketing costs? Yes/No

6) Are you capitalising on a steady flow of creative ideas from you team.?

(A key part of a customer experience strategy is the ability to stimulate and capitalise on the creativity of your people)

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Chris Bell