Quotes from Accenture’s Ben Morgan & Michael Buckley

“A lot of organisations still have a one-size-fits-all approach to customer experience and we’re spending a lot of time actually shifting it from a one-size-fits-all into this concept of partner personalisation, which is around actually developing customer experiences that are actually specific to you as an individual.
As soon as you start to embed the customer in everything you do, you start to unlock a whole bunch of opportunities.”
The more you can get customers coming back for more and more and that’s that concept of having that really clear simple view of the customer and all the interactions that they have, to then be able to tailor experiences for the customer.”
A lot of brands think they’re “doing customer experience” but they’re making small incremental changes that are just putting sticking plasters on a bigger problem, says Morgan.
“The brands that are going to win are the brands that step back and make some fundamental changes to the business model and set themselves up for the new world,”

Could not agree more- Chris Bell