Look Out More Productivity Research

We are about to follow our Aussie friends and embark on some more research on how we improve our terrible productivity performance currently near the bottom of the OECD.

Rob O’Neill’s Sunday Star Times article “Staff- more than just a cost centre” highlighted the fact that the focus in this area is about to go from staff to management and I say about time.

Leadership and the resulting culture are two things that determine productivity performance and as the Aussie research found getting staff more involved in the business and developing their skills pays dividends in business efficiency, productivity and innovation.

I am certain the New Zealand research will find the same. The big question raised in Rob’s article is will business take any notice? And will management be prepared to change?

Increased productivity is one of the rewards of a customer experience strategy, right from the start our approach has been based on gaining commitment from everyone within the organisation and the understanding that “your people support what they create”.

We have never created a customer experience strategy for a client. We know that it would not matter how good the experience was we put together it would never gain total buy in because of this fact and therefore would not be delivered consistently and we know that inconsistent experiences never gain a business key benefits like loyalty and word of mouth recommendations, no our approach has always been to work with a development team made up of representatives from every area of the organisation.

I would like to think that business and management will look at the results of this research in a positive light and we will start to see some real progress around employee engagement and the resulting productivity issue.

Chris Bell