Product and Customer Experience Getting the Combination Right

In today’s highly competitive and commoditised world where as consumers we are bombarded every day with deals, business is starting to realise that its now more than just the deal we are after if they are going to get the sale.

Lets face it customers have all the power that power comes from choice and the ability via technology to be better informed. Many businesses still think it comes down to price however an increasing number of organisations now understand that price is only one element, the experience is becoming increasingly important.

Recent research has found that despite the focus on price customers are willingly to pay more to those organisations that have taken the time to get both the price and the experience right.

This development to starting to leave those organisations that only had price as their key competitive advantage scrambling to improve the service experience side of their business.

What these businesses are finding is that when you have a business culture that is only focused on making the sale with little focus on the customer, changing that culture can be difficult unless there is a real commitment from the leadership team and they have the ability to get everyone else involved.

The development of a successful long term customer experience strategy is totally reliant on getting three things right. A committed leadership, a customer focused culture and the right people in the right positions.

A customer experience is a blend between the physical performance of a business and how a customer feels about that performance. Just having the right product or service at the right price is only half the deal.