Proactive v Reactive….

Over the past few weeks I have taken a number of desperate phone calls from business owners frustrated and at their wits end as they scramble to try and fix issues including a lack of sales, high employee disengagement, aggressive competition and pressure on margins to name just a few.

In just about every case after evaluating the situation these businesses find themselves in, it’s clear they could have seen these issues developing some time ago.

Why do we wait?

In my experience there are three reasons why we wait until the pain gets really bad and they are-

1) If you don’t think you have a problem and will not be looking for a solution.

2) If you are aware you have a problem we try and fix the symptoms rather than the cause.

3) We need to be adopting a customer focus rather than an operational focus and start tracking customers’ journeys when doing business.

The disappointing fact in a number of these cases was that they had let the pain get so bad, fixing the cause was going to be a long and expensive exercise.

There is always some good news

Yes there is some good news and that is even after waiting too long these business owners did eventually work out what a customer experience strategy is and how it could address many of their issues, hence the phone call.

2016 Focus-

Our focus this year is to do everything we can to encourage businesses to adopt an outside-in focus. This customer focus is a key part of a customer experience strategy and very quickly highlights areas that will cause pain in the future and motivates businesses to start working on improvements.

Please don’t let your pain get to the desperate stage before you pick up the phone.

Chris Bell

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