Six Powerful Reasons to Develop a Unique Customer Experience

1) You have a More Powerful Customer-due to the huge amount of choice we now have and that choice is only going to increase.

2) The Decline in Customer Loyalty – due to the fact that we are not having many great customer service experiences.

3) Increasing Commoditisation – we are in an environment of copiers and followers. We call it the “world of sameness”.

4) Highly competitive environment- the only way we can think of trying to get a customer through the door is by using price as the incentive.

5) Fewer Competitive Advantages – business still does not understand that if they invested in the development of their unique customer experience it would be their sustainable competitive advantage, in a world where sustainable competitive advantages are rare.

6) Less customer recommendations- customers don’t recommend businesses that just meet their expectations and at best that’s as good as it gets for most. Customer recommendation is now the most powerful form of advertising.