Poor Customer Service Costing NZ Business

Poor Customer Service Costing NZ Business

Poor customer experiences and service is costing New Zealand business hundreds of thousands of dollars and attitudes have not changed in the current recession.

Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experience a company specialising in development of customer service skills says

This is very much inline with a recent survey showing poor work culture and a lack of workplace leadership is costing the NZ business sector more than 2.6 Billion a year.

Culture comes from an organisations leadership and these results show a lack of focus both on an organisations people and customers.

Partly to blame is the outdated and ineffective approach to front-line customer service and sales skill development.

“When customer service training is carried out without a proper customer experience foundation, the training itself has very little impact on changing employee behaviour and ultimately little impact on improving customer experiences.”

Bell says his organisation will not conduct any front-line training unless it is aligned to an organisations vision, defined customer experience and service standards.

He said a Colmar Brunton survey found that 62% of people had stopped dealing with a company in the past year, of those 70% had done so because of a bad customer experience.

Business can’t be blamed for all these results. Customer service training providers need to look at themselves, their training products, there approach to skills development training; the environment business is operating in and they must be more accountable for their results.

The fact of the matter is that after all the money that’s been spent on front-line skill development, customer service has not noticeably improved, in fact some industries are having difficulty just keeping up with customer expectations. 82% of businesses think their Customer Service is better than their customers do.

Chris Bell is New Zealand’s leading customer experience designer – MB 027 2792360