Your People Support What They Create

It was suggested in a recent Fairfax article that one of the biggest challenges for companies “is to get employees to share their best ideas”. Not only do we totally agree, but we would also suggest that by not doing this it is costing businesses financially in a number of ways including the quality of experiences they are delivering to their customers resulting in a lack of loyalty both from their people and customers.

The number one reason why customers are not receiving better quality service experiences is the lack of understanding of this fact “your people support what they create”.

The number of times we hear employees telling us that they have made suggestions and put forward ideas on how to improve business performance only to have those ideas ignored is a direct reflection of the many negative business cultures and leadership styles in our economy.

“One of the biggest challenges”- we don’t think so, it’s simple. People want to work in cultures that encourage and motivate involvement; they want to contribute their ideas rather than just being told what to do, in many cases by managers that have little daily contact with customers.

Sixty percent of employees went to work this morning disengaged. Productivity is near the bottom of the OECD, customer loyalty is declining, significantly more money is spent trying to attract new customers rather than focusing on retention and still we struggle to understand this one simple fact- “your people support what they create”.

All this makes us feel that our approach to the development of a customer experience strategy is unique. It involves a revolving development team made up of representatives from every area of the business liaising with colleagues around a development process. They develop the customer experience, we facilitate the process. The result- total commitment to a continual process that delivers an experience that grows customer loyalty and advocacy and reduces costs.


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