The Right People in the Right Seats

How did it make me feel?

Research clearly shows that a large percentage of a great customer experience is how it makes you feel.

Yesterday I felt really good about an experience I had with a City Council call centre team member, Laura.

The phone was answered immediately, Laura’s phone manner was excellent, and she took the time to clearly understand my problem and expectations regarding putting it right.

Laura carefully explained to me her plan of attack and her commitment to keeping me updated.

And she not only kept me updated, the problem was resolved just as she had explained.

Right People the Key

Author Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” said it best, the right people on the bus sitting in the right seats and the wrong people off the bus.

Developing a quality customer experience strategy becomes very difficult if this is not followed believe me I have learnt the hard way.

When we start working with a new client one of the first things we evaluate is the people sitting on the bus and the seats they are currently sitting in.

Moving Forward

In our customer experience development process the area of “the right people” is clarified after we have been through the process of defining the actual customer experience the organisation has committed to deliver. Once defined we can more clearly identify the right people the business needs to consistently deliver that experience.

Most businesses have never clearly defined their customer experience and this in many cases has contributed to their current challenge of having the wrong people either sitting in the wrong seats or on the bus at all.

And yes the call centre manager did get a call from me congratulating her on definitely having the right person in the right seat.

Chris Bell