Ordinary Customer Experiences Not Good Enough…

New research has highlighted why customers are not receiving better customer experiences and it backs up what we have been saying for sometime according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in customer experience development

Research company Temkin Group ran its first research on the state of the customer experience within a range of companies and found mixed results.

48 percent of respondents said they didn’t have a clear customer experience strategy in place. Bell said this normally results in continued inconsistency and frustration by employees and customers due to the lack of development knowledge by management or attempting to take short cuts, a legacy of the “quick fix” approach.

61 percent said their company had other competing priorities holding back customer experience development. Bell said it was difficult to know what could be more important than the quality of the experience a company delivers to its customers, unless there is a culture where the customer is not the organisation’s number one priority.

The good news was that 43 percent of those surveyed were using NPS, an international customer feedback methodology used by a number of New Zealand companies including Air NZ and Westpac bank.

Bell said NPS is the methodology his company is using with the Customer Experience Tracker, a new business resource providing an inclusive approach to improving the customer experience.

In the Temkin survey 65 percent of companies said that NPS was having a positive impact on the business.

Bell said that if businesses are going to grow, increase employee engagement, attract more loyal customers and benefit from the resulting positive word of mouth their priority must be to focus on both their people and customers.

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