One Thing Business Can Be Certain About

It’s been a long time coming but it is here and it will increasingly be the difference between business growth, profitability and continual struggle.

In a highly commoditised world with rapidly increasing competition the customer is now in charge and business is being continually judged on the quality of their customer experience.

High employee disengagement, low productivity, declining customer loyalty an increasing focus on price, a lack of business creativity and increasing business costs are all the result of the lack of focus on the employee and customer experience according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a business that specialises in the development of high quality customer experiences.

These issues will continue to impact business in 2011 unless we start doing things differently and that starts with understanding how to develop a long-term strategy to address these issues.

Business needs to look forward with certainty and for those organisations that see the quality of their customer experience as the way forward Bell has made available a free comprehensive customer experience development resource that will ensure this long term strategic approach to a customer experience development will become an organisations sustainable competitive advantage.

Bell said that he has been working with this 7 step development strategy for the last six years but is amazed at the interest over the last two years as business realises that in the future there will be two scenarios, those that focus on price and those that focus on the value they can add to the experience and the relationships they build with customers resulting in greater loyalty and recommendation.

Business is starting to realise that in a world of excess, uniformity and repetition, people buy experiences, not products or services. When people feel good about their experience they will not only return, they will tell their friends. To turn a financial exchange into a rewarding experience, businesses have to be creative and they have to be fully committed to seeing the world through their customers’ eyes.

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