No More Excuses for NZ Business

A recent survey in the USA highlighted the fact that most organisations understand the value a customer experience strategy can add to a business. However, only 13 percent knew how to develop such a strategy.

For the first time in New Zealand business has available a comprehensive guide to the development of a high quality employee and customer experience. The free manual has been released by customer experience coach Chris Bell Managing Director Customer Experiences a company that specialises in customer experience development and implementation.

Bell said this is very much a Kiwi publication based on the work he has undertaken with a broad range of New Zealand businesses over the last six years. When we first started no one had heard of a customer experience stratetgy in this country. New Zealand business was still trying quick fix methods to improve their customer service by sending front-line staff on customer service training workshops which clearly only had a short term benefit if any at all.

It is clear from a number of recent customer surveys that customer experiences and employee engagement are not improving in this country and this is having a big effect on individual business performance and productivity overall.

According to Bell business no longer has an excuse. Business must understand that the customer is in charge due to the huge amount of choice that is available both nationally and internationally via the internet.

The choice for business is clear, deliver a consistently high quality customer experience and reap the many rewards or suffer as result of high customer and employee turnover.

Bell is also offering a free one hour consultation to enable businesses to discuss their current customer experience.

The free customer experience development resource and contact details to take advantage of a free one hour consultation are available from