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April Newsletter 2013

Please, Please Don’t Do It Unless…

The number one step in our unique customer experience development strategy is gaining total commitment from everyone involved in the business before moving to develop the customer experience.

There are some very good reasons for this including the fact that a business will struggle to achieve total commitment unless everyone can clearly see the leadership is fully committed long-term.

As you are aware my business is all about assisting organisations to develop their unique customer experience. What you may not be so aware of is that I spend a fair amount of my time encouraging businesses not to start the development of their customer experience because of the difficultly they are having in gaining that all important commitment.

The last thing I want to see is organisations wasting time and money on the development of a strategy that will not deliver the results we know it can.

What I would like to share with you are some tips around this area of commitment. I trust that they may help your organisation if you are currently contemplating how you could get everyone on-board and committed to the development of your great customer experience.

Commitment Tips-

Make sure that as the organisation’s leader you are fully committed to the development of a long-term customer experience strategy that will be your businesses sustainable competitive advantage and will play a key role in moving your organisation towards its vision.

Be aware that your people are not listening to what you say; they are watching what you do. Your actions must match your rhetoric.

The key to gaining commitment is the ability to clearly explain what it is you are doing, why you are doing it and how the organisation will go about it.

Remember the important part of what, why and how is the ability to clearly explain what’s in it for every individual within the organisation and to outline clearly the important role each person will play in the process on-going.

Be careful not to make the development of your organisation’s customer experience just another responsibility on top of an already busy and all too frequently stressed team.

Ensure time and resources are allocated to this important initiative as part of the planning to ensure it’s a pleasure to be involved not added stress. This will play an important role in gaining total commitment.

And just one final tip  – “Your people support what they create”. I don’t develop an organisation’s customer experience, I facilitate the process. The people within the organisation define and develop the experience and as a result commit to its consistent delivery and on-going development.

Some of the best customer experience ideas I have had have come from people within the organisation that don’t have direct customer contact. I mention this to emphasize the point that this process must involve everyone not just those team members with the responsibility of delivering the experience.

For more information on this and our customer experience development program please go to our home page and download your free customer experience development guide

A couple more things….

CemNZ – customer experience management New Zealand is a real-world and on-line community – on a mission to improve the quality of customer experience in New Zealand so customers get better service and businesses get better profits.

It brings together customer service professionals, business leaders and subject matter expertise to provide quick and easy access to the people, information and tools necessary to help them turn their customers into loyal fans.
Its FREE to join just go to we look forward to having you on-board

The Customer Conference – Auckland 29-30th May

We will be once again be speaking and co-chairing this year’s customer experience conference. I will be providing a summary in June’s newsletter if you can’t make this important business event.
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