A limited Business Development Opportunity

ONLY 5 Spaces available……..

My number one goal for 2013, now that we have our Customer Experience Development program online up and running https://customerexperiences.co.nz/customer-ex-online , is to get back to working directly with business teams to develop and implement their unique, quality customer experience strategy.

Sharing information via my business speaking is great. Facilitating development seminars and skill development workshops is incredibly rewarding but working directly with an organisation and their development team is where I am really challenged and as a result get my biggest buzz.

I am committed to working with ten businesses in 2013 and already two spaces have gone.


• Develop and implement your unique customer experience

• Manage your customer experience to ensure maximum return

• Develop the skills of your Customer Experience Manager

• Develop customer & employee centric leadership skills

• Develop front-line team customer facing skills

Benefits –

• Affordable option

• Wide industry experience

• Extensive sales/marketing experience

• The ability to up skill CE Managers

• Front-line skill development expertise

• Customer Centric leadership development

• Grow your innovation & creativity

• Increase team engagement

• The ability to work remotely and/or onsite

• Grow customer loyalty & advocacy

• Keep your competitors’ guessing

• A unique marketing opportunity

If you would like to discuss this opportunity or know someone that may please don’t hesitate to contact me chris@customerexperiences.co.nz or MB 027 2792360