Kiwi Designed For Kiwi Businesses- Chris Bell

We have the opportunity these days to access business development programmes from around the world.

Many of these programme have great information however many are clearly designed for cultures different from ours.

We believe a customer experience development programme should be designed and develop by people that know and understand the market the programme will be used in.

Our customer experience development programme has not only been designed by a kiwi it’s been designed to benefit a market that has high employee disengagement, declining customer loyalty, increasing online purchases and a service sector that is struggling to come up with a point of difference other than price.

We are in no doubt that future business success will directly aligned with the quality and consistency of a businesses employee and customer experience.

To find out more about this kiwi designed programme visit – or if you would like to spend a very productive day with the programme designer on March 11th at Vector Arena visit –