It Must Be More Than the Deal This Christmas…….

In a highly competitive and commoditised retail environment offering just a deal this Christmas will not be enough. As consumers we are bombarded with deals everyday.

The novelty of retailers trying to get customers in the door with just the offer of a deal has truly worn thin as customer expectations continue to rise.

Retailers will suffer this Christmas unless they offer a quality customer experience along with the deal according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences and Co- founder along with Dr Ian Brooks and Paul Linnell of Customer Experience Management NZ

cemNZ has been launched to bring together the business community and those professionals working in business development, to offer advice and information that will assist business with the development of a quality customer experience.

Bell said that in today’s tough business environment organisations must capitalise on every opportunity to not only make a sale today but deliver an experience that will encourage customers back and motivate them to recommend the business to others.

Those businesses that are not acting this way are suffering from both decreasing margins and increased marketing costs due to a single visit.

Bell said there are three key areas that businesses need to focus on. leadership, culture and the right people delivering a defined customer experience. Too many business leaders lack long-term commitment to service within their organisations. This results in the creation of a business culture that does not take service seriously

CemNZ is free to join and will be providing customer experience development seminars around the country early in 2012.

For further information:- mb 027 2792360

One thought on “It Must Be More Than the Deal This Christmas…….

  1. Sherrie,Thanks for a great cnmmeot!I have been trying for some ten years with limited success to get companies to understand how damaging it is to their reputation when they do a better job through one channel than another. Your tale above is worth more than anything I could say – and it is sadly the standard. It is a simple set of steps to ensure you provide consistent service across channels, yet most organizations don’t take the time to do it right. Why? the thought of having to think about how to do something they don’t know how to do scares them, and they always think they can fix it once it is going.Which, of course, is the worse way to do it and usually means that ends up not working, not getting fixed, and being useless. I had lots of clients through the years having to start again from zero. Doing it right the second, sometimes the third time, ensured success. Wish more of them would avoid the hard lessons of pragmatic deployments. Alas, I’d be out of a job Thanks for reading

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