Industries Where We Have Proven Our Worth

Over the last ten years the Customer Experiences team have worked across a large cross section of the service industry. Our main focus moving forward will be the tourism industry and retail, both accounting for a large number of specialised businesses. What must be remembered is when domestic and international visitors tour this country they interact with many more businesses than just those seen as tourism businesses.The experience we have gained from our last ten years of consultation, facilitating workshops and seminars and business speaking across many industries has given us a unique competitive advantage. We have the ability to learn and use ideas from one industry and successfully adapt them to be used in a completely different industry.


Customers have never had so much choice in the area of hospitality and as a result their expectations have outstripped the ability of many organisations to meet those expectations in an environment where the focus should be on exceeding customers’ expectations. Our programmes are focused on the total experience a customer has with a business. This focus is broken down into key touch-points, a touch point being “any point where a customer touches an organisation and from that touch forms an opinion of that organisation”. This can be anything from a restaurant review, a website visit or feedback from another customer.

It doesn’t matter where your business sits in the wide variety of accommodation providers you will be playing a vital role in the “visitor experience”. Our customer experience development programs have a number of processes. One of those is the breaking down of business silos and getting everyone involved in the development of your customer service experience- after all; everyone will be playing a role in the eventual outcome.

To learn more about the development of quality service standards that we can develop with your team to ensure consistency and quality of service that will stand your business apart of your competitors contact us now to discuss.

Visitor Attractions

Is your visitor attraction delivering a quality visitor experience that’s under continual development? Are you capturing and acting on visitor feedback?
Our visitor experience evaluation process will not only rate your current experience and how it benchmarks against some of your immediate competitors, we will also provide you with suggestions for further development and improvements. Contact us now to discuss your visitor experience development requirement. We cover everything from an outside evaluation to front-line skill development.



Events are an important part of this country’s tourism industry. Visitors travel to events with high expectations and in many cases you will only get one chance to impress. Developing and implementing the experience you will deliver at your next event requires a proven strategic approach because inconsistency is not an option.

Understanding your visitor expectations and developing an experience that will exceed those expectations is the focus of our unique programme. Contact us to discuss the visitor experience you wish to deliver at your next event and we will have your visitors keen to come back for more.

Visitor Transport

Visitors to this country use a wide variety of transport -everything from coaches, taxis, rental cars to campervans. Like all areas in tourism, competition is increasing with a greater focus on service and price. Unfortunately as a result of this increasingly competitive market, standards are not being maintained and in some cases are starting to drop.

This presents a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd through the delivery of a consistent quality customer service experience that takes the focus off price as your only competitive advantage. Contact us now to discuss in detail how we can tailor our programme to deliver these results for your business.

Tourism Operators


Word of mouth plays a significant role in the activities and trips our visitors choose to take during their visit.
The internet and social media now plays an important part in providing fellow visitors and businesses with feedback regarding their experiences. It’s important that tourism operators or another business for that matter don’t start using this feedback in a reactive way responding only when they receive negative visitor criticism.

Our programmes are designed for operators that are continually looking for ways to improve both their performance and their visitor experience. These organisations understand the power of visitor word of mouth and the high response rate that results. Customer recommendation is today’s most powerful advertising. Contact us now to discuss how we can help to increase your visitor recommendation.



We are all aware of the significant increase in online retail and many retailers have this as an additional channel and in increasing numbers their only channel. We believe that this has opened up an opportunity for “bricks and mortar” retail to develop experiences that customers can’t get using the online channel.

Research has clearly shown that we may do our purchasing research online but we still want to visit a store and engage with a retail sales person. It is our belief that technology will play an increasing role in our lives but it will not take away the value we place on one-on-one human interaction- in fact it will be even more important as long as the quality is there.

What retailers need to do is ensure the customer experience they develop delivers value beyond anything the internet can deliver. Our programmes are designed to develop those unique in-store experiences and develop the skills of your front-line team who have the responsibility for the delivery of those experiences Contact us now to discuss the development of unique customer experience.

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