How important is your Customer Experience in 2013?

We are being told continually to focus on our customers, give great service and look for ways to add greater customer value.

Is that where your focus will be in 2013 or will it be on finding ways to reduce costs so you can be more competitive on price without continually needed to reduce margin.

Many see the development of their customer experience as time consuming, costly and difficult to measure a return on investment. Others have no idea how to go about it so it drops to the bottom of the list.

On the other hand negotiating a better deal and reducing business costs is far more manageable and achievable and therefore gets promoted up the list.

This is what we think–what do you think?

“Unless you can be the cheapest or have exclusivity of a product or service, you will need a customer experience strategy to be successful”

We wish you a prosperous 2013