Can you identify with any of these business problems?……….

The reason I ask this question is that we find many businesses that have one of these issues listed below don’t realise that this is the problem. They see their problem as something very different.

The reason for this situation is the lack of a customer focused culture. These organisations are looking at their customer experience from their perspective not the customers.

The following list of issues are all addressed as part of the implementation of a customer experience strategy

A lack of customer loyalty

Research clearly shows that in an increasingly competitive and commoditised world customer loyalty is on the decline.

What is lacking is our ability to grow customer loyalty via the consistent delivery of a value added quality customer experience. How loyal are your customers? One of the first warnings of this being an issue is an increasing spend on new customer acquisition.

A lack of customer recommendation

When a customer recommends you to someone else they are immediately putting their reputation on the line and we don’t put our reputation on the line lightly. This is one of the reasons a customer recommendation has become so powerful.

Before we recommend a business to others we need to be very sure that the person we are recommending it to is going to have at least the quality of experience we had or better.

How many of your customers would be happy to recommend your business? As part of our customer experience development programme we closely measure this.

• High team disengagement

New Zealand has a high employee disengagement rate. This is reflected in the quality of our customer experience delivery, productivity and staff turnover rates.

Gaining full commitment for a customer experience development strategy is step one in our programme. I can ensure you disengaged team members don’t deliver consistent, quality customer experiences.


Silo is a term used to describe the situation where different departments within an organisation are reluctant to communicate with other departments. This lack of interaction creates real problems when a business is trying to deliver a quality customer experience.

Once a business starts to understand that everyone within an organisation plays a role in the experience customers receive, not just from those with direct contact with the customer. Our development programme also plays a part in breaking down silos by involving everyone in the development process.

A lack of creativity

Your people have ideas that will enhance the experience you deliver to your customers. Creating a culture of creativity ensures the continual development of a customer experience strategy.

A vital part of our customer experience development programme is the ability to encourage everybody to think more creatively and share their ideas.

Welcome to the world of “Customer Experience” today. Customers are looking for more than just good customer service, as important as that still is to any business. Customers are looking for businesses that can provide an experience that will surprise, excite and add value, in short, a memorable experience, an experience that will get them talking to others.

Watch out for our next list of problems that a customer experience development strategy addresses.

Chris Bell

Customer Experience Development Coach