Can you identify with any of these Business Problems?……….PART 2

I trust you found value in part one of this blog. To follow are more business problems that you may be able to identify with as you think about your customer experience development in 2015

Poor customer service

Customer service is a vital part of any customer experience. We define customer service as the direct contact a customer has with a business.

Generally we find that when service levels are an issue within a business the people delivering that service are rarely the problem. For too long now the responds to poor customer service has been to send front-line people on a customer service training workshop. I can tell you from firsthand experience. This approach does not work and very quickly becomes a cost not an investment.

You will see that customer service skill development is a part of our 7 step customer experience development programme however you will also see that a lot of other vital components need to be in place before a business can maximise the advantage a result of any front-line skill development.


Inconsistent customer experience delivery is one of the key problems for many businesses.

We are doing business in a world where customers’ expectations are continually on the rise. What we received by way of a customer experience is at the very least what we expect the next time we do business or better.

The problem is that more often than not the experience does not get near the level of our last visit and that can result in a change of business or at the very least a need for the business to get its customer experience back up to a consistent level multiple times before the customer has regain their confidence.

Consistency is a key part of our development programme. Each service standard that is put in place is measured to ensure consistency along with a programme of continual service standard improvement.

Maximising customer feedback

As customers we are well and truly over customer surveys. The prime reason is that we have been asked for our feedback, we have taken the time to give that feedback and have seen little or no improvement as a result.

Unfortunately many businesses are using customer surveys as a marketing exercise. They are trying to give customers the impression that they care. However the reality is that they have no intention of using the information to improve their performance.

The total focus of a business with a customer centric culture is to have the customer at the centre of everything they do. All feedback is appreciated, taken seriously and acted upon.

Attracting the right people

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard a customer comment “who put that person behind the counter”. Let’s face it the people that deliver your customer experience can make or break all the hard work that is being done by those behind the front counter.

I am continually amazed by the fact that when we have been a part of changing the culture within an organisation the right people have starting appearing at the front door.

The fact is the right people know they need to work in an organisation that has the right culture in place that allows them to performance to their very best.

I walk into businesses all the time and see potential super stars that will never perform to their best because of the environment that currently exists.

Getting the right people on the bus is just as important as getting them sitting in the right seat, It’s then that they start delivering their magic.

The Goal for 2015

At Customer Experiences our focus for 2015 is to work with business through our seminars and workshops to put in place a long-term strategy that will consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

As part of the process all the problems outlined in my last two blogs will be identified and addressed.

If you wish to benefit from this unique programme please watch out for a seminar or workshop near you.

Chris Bell

Customer Experience Development Coach